'Be Jesus for others'

To everyone out there who wants to know more about what God's will is for their life: Christmas can shed some light on this subject. For all the people out there across the Internet (and in the "real" world) who yearn to know more about how to follow Jesus Christ in these crazy times: Christmas can help you here, too! And if you've ever wanted a spiritual pick-me-up courtesy of the Holy Spirit: Christmas, yes! you guessed it, can provide an angle on this, too!

Lots of people want lots of things during this time of the year. But in a way, the greatest gift of all is one that we and the world already have. Conceived by the Holy Spirit, a baby named Jesus was given to the world as a gift from God. You see, God's will is all about becoming more like Jesus – in real life and even in cyberspace. So pass on asking Santa and instead ask the Holy Spirit to give you the gifts that keep on giving: to become like Jesus, to be Jesus for others, to be a new Jesus in the world today!

--Fr. Richard Goodin, OFM
Associate Director of Vocations