Jamaican immersion experience

Last week was an immersion experience for Postulants Raphael Ozoude and Matt Ryan, as they accompanied Vocations Director Richard Goodin to Jamaica and saw first-hand some of the poorest areas served by friars. But they did more than look. They painted a house and cottage in a mission parish, helped kids with their classroom learning at one of the schools and visited a grandmother who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. "For two evenings, I accompanied Fr. Colin King and Richard to a parish elsewhere in the Diocese of Montego Bay as they preached during two Masses that were part of a preparation for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart," says Raphael. Matt says they attended a barbecue "where the family served us fried chicken, pork, rice and beans, and goat-head soup" and celebrated his birthday. On Sunday, they took in a rural parish festival with Fr. Jim Bok.