Spirit of Assisi in Jamaica

"I was able to celebrate the Spirit of Assisi in a special way," missionary Br. Tom Gerchak,OFM, writes from Jamaica. "For seven consecutive evenings [Oct. 21-27], Christian pastors asked their congregations to pray, fast, and meet in Sam Sharpe Square, downtown Montego Bay, to ‘Bring Down the Giants’ (those responsible for the violence in recent weeks)." It was a powerful experience for Tom, who along with thousands of others attended the Oct. 27 session of worship and prayer.

"It was good to be with so many other Christians seeking peace," Br. Tom says. "One of the images evoked was the circling of Jericho for seven days, and then giving a shout to bring down the walls of the city. Another was the building of a simple altar and reclaiming Montego Bay as a city for God."

Photo from the Facebook page of the organizer, Trumpet Call Ministries.