Vrooom, vrooom!

The priests of Holy Family Parish in Galveston, Texas, decided to hold a "blessing of bikers" at St. Patrick’s Nov. 7 to coincide with the Lone Star Rally, a four-day event that would attract 200,000 motorcycle enthusiasts from North America to their island. "The reasoning to do it was to be even more relevant to Catholics," says Tom Hoyt, who handles communications for the parish. They took photos beforehand, promoted it the church bulletin and even got publicity in the Galveston Daily News. Unfortunately, "The event was a total rain-soaked washout, one of those Galveston ‘frog stranglers’ of a storm!" Tom says. "We were prepared with sound and everything but since the street in front of St. Patrick’s door was flooded….we, and the bikers, had no chance." But the promotional photo was so cool, we had to share it. "Folks loved the pic and the idea," Tom says. "Most don’t know the outcome."