Where were you when the lights went out?

Where were you when the lights went out?

Fr. Tom Speier, OFM
I happened to be out at Lake Lorelei for the eclipse. It was a wonderful place to spend two hours watching the whole show in solitude and peace. Only then did I realize I had two different friends around Greenville, S.C., where I could have watched the TOTAL ECLIPSE and the accompanying CORONA, etc. from their yards. Bummer!

Fr. Richard Goodin, OFM
Returning to Cincinnati after mission appeals in Las Vegas Aug 19 and 20, Richard drove overnight to see the eclipse in its totality in Hopkinsville, Ky. There this Kentucky native was interviewed by a reporter from Catholic News Service about the experience. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity," Richard said. "I like to brag I’m all things Kentucky. What better and more fitting place for this to be than in Kentucky?" Read the CNS story at: Catholicnews.

Br. Mark Ligett, OFM
I am in Saint Louis, Mo., for my annual check-up at Washington University/Barnes Jewish transplant center! Folks in St. Louis are going nuts over the eclipse because the path is right over this area! There are buses everywhere marked "Eclipse" taking folks to viewing areas!

*Fr. Dennis Bosse, OFM * Ninety percent of the sun was blocked by the moon this morning at the Red Canyon, Utah, segment of Dixie National Forest.

Fr. Henry Beck, OFM
Look at this lovely comment from Jeannie Panella, who is on our St. Francis Retreat House Board. Jeannie just made the Assisi Pilgrimage this summer, and she is filled with the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare. Jeannie wrote: "What a great day to be a Franciscan! Brother Sun and Sister Moon are greeting each other once again!"

Fr. Ricardo Russo, OFM
"I was in the back yard," Ricardo writes. "I have a bunch of bird feeders." When the eclipse reached its height in Santa Fe, N.M., "The birds began to sing their evening song and were freaked. It was such a remarkable thing; I was just enamored with it," so enamored that he sat down and composed the poem on the right.

A Good Friday at Noon

Eclipse on time, an eternal rhyme,
reminds us
of an earlier crime.

Moon dances, and plays for a month,
Sun laughs, and reflects the runt.

People gaze at a sun so bright,
but the moon reflects her shadow covering light.
What to do without a sun so bright,
and a moon to reflect its governing light.

Two become one in spectacular display,
and remind us of that, now be on your way.

Circles of life go and come,
opposites forever run.

Now light and dark meet
Eclipse at our feet,
consciousness weeps,
a light leaps.

–Fr. Ricardo Russo, OFM