50 Days of Easter

By now the Easter candy has been cleared from shelves around town. And thus marks the end of Easter 2016, right? Wrong. For us Catholics the Easter Octave (eight days of doing Easter in a row) is finished. And that marks the end of Easter, right? Wrong!

Easter for us Catholics lasts 50 days. And 50 is an important number because it’s greater than the 40 days of Lent. If we do penance 40 days to prepare, let us celebrate for 50 days that follow Easter. Folks, no one can accuse us Catholics of not knowing how to celebrate with gusto!

However, we are also responsible for following suit with that planned celebratory time! Don’t let American society rip this time away from us. It is our time as Catholics to live into and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Only we can protect and promote this time. Just because the local chain pharmacy or big-box-store has cleared out its candied shelves doesn’t mean we need to give up on Easter so quickly!

Peace & Good,
Fr. Richard Goodin, OFM
Galveston, Texas