A child's eye-view of Easter


Please pardon an old man’s journey back in time. I remember making little nests of straw and putting them around the yard on the Saturday afternoon before Easter. I also remember setting out little baskets with artificial grass on the dining room table. By Easter Sunday morning the Easter Bunny had filled those baskets with candy, and the first order of business was for my little brother and me to check them out (and sneak a jelly bean if Mother wasn’t looking). Then we each took a larger basket outside to see what the Easter Bunny had left in those straw nests. We usually found two or three brightly colored eggs in each one. When John was real little, he had no sense of an egg shell’s fragility; and half the eggs in his basket would be cracked by the time we got to the last nest. Breakfast usually consisted of coffee cake or sweet rolls and, of course, some of the eggs that we had just gathered. The red and purple ones always tasted better than the green or orange ones, but they all definitely tasted better than hens’ eggs.

Then it was time to take a second look at the candy. Anyone who knows anything about Easter candy knows that, aside from licorice jelly beans, dark chocolate eggs with coconut fillings are just about the best that can be had. My last remaining task was to convince to trade his dark chocolate coconut for my milk chocolate bunnies or marshmallow chicks. The diplomacy might not have won me a Nobel Prize, but it usually succeeded. What else was a 6-year-old to do?

Nothing profound in these reminiscences, but after leading the community in prayer all week, if I ever did have anything profound to say, little is left of it by now. Enjoy your licorice jelly beans and your dark chocolate creams, coconut or otherwise!

(From the parish bulletin of St. Aloysius, Detroit.)