Adventures in Becoming


We live in a culture of DOING, of accomplishment and achievement by the work of our hands, a style of living that asks the questions, "Where do you work?" and "What is your job?" Gospel living, on the other hand, moves us to ask the questions, "Who are you?" and "Can we get to know one another?"

The privilege of retirement is not merely a monthly check from the Charitable Trust Fund of St. John the Baptist Province and the absence of a parochial, office, or teaching assignment. It is rather a new adventure into BECOMING who God made us to be without the accompanying anxiety and stress of a corporate agenda and its sometimes aggravating expectations. It is important to note, I believe, that DOING and BECOMING do not stand in opposition to one another, but rather in contrast, for we live in a both/and world. We find wholeness and health (and holiness) in the balance of these two components of human life. Again, because of the conditioning by our culture, the DOING seems to be at times an overwhelming force that positions us apart from BEING – from being prayerful, playful, fraternal, and above all from being other-person focused.