Br. Eric Seguin's renewal of vows

After the ESC in Galveston, Texas, and a Provincial Council meeting in Easton, Pa., I find myself now in Chicago visiting the friars and attending meetings at Catholic Theological Union, our theology school. The running around is wearying, but on Wednesday morning, I experienced an uplifting moment of focus and renewal: I had the privilege of participating in Br. Eric Seguin’s renewal of vows.

It is an awesome privilege to have a brother place his hands in yours, look you in the eyes, and promise to live - with us - a Gospel life of poverty, chastity, obedience, fraternity, prayer, and service. It is a moment of grace not only for Eric and for all the friars present, but especially for the one who has the privilege of receiving the promise. I wish every friar could have this opportunity; it gives some energy to continue living with freshness the life we have promised, perhaps years ago.

Thank you, Eric for this gift; it is good to have you with us on the journey!

–Fr. Jeff Scheeler, OFM